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“EQMax Tech Solutions is among the fastest-growing software product and IT/ITES services companies based in Kerala. Our headquarters is located in Kerala. 

With a remarkable history, EQMax Tech Solutions has consistently served as a trusted partner to global banking and financial clients, skillfully guiding them through their IT transformation journey using our cutting-edge solutions and processes.Our unwavering commitment to delivering ‘Better,’ ‘Faster,’ and ‘Economically Viable’ solutions is underpinned by the core principles of innovation, flexibility, and scalability. We take pride in consistently delivering top-tier results to our clients, ensuring agility, high-quality delivery, and compliance, thus enabling our clients to deliver unparalleled performance to their customers and fostering customer satisfaction. With a robust core team, we specialize in managing large-scale product implementations, developing customized solutions and services, application management, support services, and testing and validation services.

Our current digital initiatives are centered around Digital Security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blockchain, and Digital Transaction Platforms.

Our Work Strategy

We have designed our work strategy to ensure top notch services to our clients before and after the purchase of products. Our motto is to assist clients in simple and fast ways.

Finacle Software Training

Unlock your full potential in banking and finance with our expert-led Finacle Software Training program. Elevate your skills and career prospects today.

Finacle Software Implementation Support

Experience seamless Finacle Software Implementation Support from our experts. Ensure a successful transition and maximize the potential of your financial operations.

Finacle Software Version Migration

Streamline your financial systems with our Finacle Software Version Migration expertise. Seamlessly upgrade to the latest version for enhanced performance and capabilities.

Finacle Software- Placements Service

Elevate your career in banking and finance with our Finacle Software Placements Service. Let us guide you toward promising opportunities in the industry.




Version Upgrade

Why us?

Build a future with unlimited possibilities

We help you build a brighter future filled with new possibilities through our Finacle Software training. Explore your passions and unlock potential in banking and finance.

Career Support

Excel in your banking and finance career with our dedicated Finacle Software Career Support. Unlock opportunities and achieve your professional goals.

Well trained and experienced staff

Discover the excellence in Finacle software training with our well-trained and highly experienced staff. Elevate your skills with the best in the industry.

Spare availability and service assistance

In our Finacle Software Training, we not only focus on skill-building but also offer spare availability and service assistance. We’re here to ensure your learning experience is seamless and uninterrupted.

Our Services

                                    At EQMax Tech Solutions, we believe in creating new opportunities and expanding possibilities through Finacle Software Training. We prioritize forming solution partnerships that cater to your technical and business needs. In the fast-changing landscape of the Digital Banking Industry, partnering is essential for success. Our aim is to elevate the digital banking partner ecosystem, pushing our approach to technology partnerships to new heights.

Finacle Software Training Program
Finacle Core Banking Services
Finacle Customization Services
Finacle Go-Live Support
Digital – Channel Services
Finacle Version & Data Migration
Finacle Report Customization
Finacle Application Management 
Finacle Integration Services

Post Course & Placements Assistance

At Finacle Software Training, our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the course. We go the extra mile by providing comprehensive post-course support and dedicated placements assistance. Our goal is to help you seamlessly transition into a rewarding career and harness the full potential of your Finacle expertise. Count on us to guide you towards exciting opportunities in the world of banking and finance, ensuring you make the most of your newly acquired skills. With Finacle Software Training, your career prospects are as bright as your future.

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The Secret of Success

Reliability and Satisfaction

We’ll practice responsible behavior, ensuring that our Finacle Software Training Always brings more value to others than we receive.

Value For Money

Unlock the full potential of Finacle Software with our value-packed training program.

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